Homework due on Wednesday, October 5

Homework due on Wednesday, October 5, at 13:00

Please read the following two articles:

and learn from other places on the internet what advice on investment portfolio composition is typically given to people by financial advisors. For example, a typical piece of advice is that the young should invest more in stocks and people closer to retirement should invest more in bonds. Then answer the following:

(1) What do you think is generally at most times a good portfolio composition choice? How does it depend on the characteristics of the investors? You may consider different types of splits of the population, such as younger vs. older; low-income vs. high income; people who do not plan to have children vs. people whose children will enter college, say, 15 years from now; people living in different countries; people with unstable jobs (say, working for the oil industry) vs. those with stable jobs (say, elementary school teacher).

(2) Right now, in the year 2016, would you still give the same advice that you think is appropriate for many other times in history? Or would you modify your advice due to the present situation? In the portfolio composition, would you overweight or underweight a particular asset class?
Your discussion should be about three pages long. Please submit it in the PDF format.

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